I’ve been born and raised here in Jacksonville and the landscape ideas are endless in this tropical environment. Forget about freezing winters or snow that will kill off all of the plants and shrubs. Feel confident that you will have plush lawns and colorful foliage year round. Because of this year round sunshine, I enjoy talking with my customers about seasonal landscape and many options available for the home or business. People often have questions on how to get started or what to consider with their landscape. Here are some ideas. 

A very simple design idea that makes for an awesome product is the layered effect. As most of my customers have told me, they want me to help them from scratch. I’ll walk you through the specific plants that you like and also locate them within the yard. The layering part is having the taller options positioned more towards the center or back of the layout and having the shorter to shortest in the front. First Coast Land Care does offer a virtual visual of your yard completely laid out to your liking before any purchase is considered. 

After we walk through that size layered effect, it is now time to consider colors. In the tropical environment here in Jacksonville, we can filter in specific reds, some orange, or purple into the layout. This will add a nice depth to the landscape that is expected in the appearance. Some common considerations that are hearty and bring this bold look is hibiscus and bougainvilleas can add the blend of color to the overall pattern. 

To understand this Jacksonville weather is important to consider the many options that will be availalbe to you. The tropical collaboration is truly abundant and there are so many options to consider. First Coast Land Care will take a full evaluation of the area and offer recommendations based on our experience. I know we will find a great layout and discuss many visual options and colors.

One thing to take into consideration is the power of the tropical sunshine. It can be consistent over a period of time and sometimes dry for weeks. It is important to consider some shade options to alleviate that consistent burn on the leaves of the more sensitive plants or shrubs. The angle of the home, the height of the plant, the angles are important to talk through and make the right choices. 

First Coast Land Care is excited to help you through this process and don’t forget, our information is always free, so don’t hesitate to just ask questions. We can provide a virtual visual before purchase and a complete quote for review. Give us a call if you would like to discuss further options. 

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